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Bucegi Natural Park

Discover and enjoy a mystical land... which are the Bucegi Mountains. A world of relaxation and adventure awaits you in the beautiful landscape of Prahova Valley.
Mystical Lands... The legend of this mountains goes back in time for thousands of years. It is believed that Bucegi Mountains were the KOGAION mountains from ancient times. It is said that Zamolxis, the supreme God of the Dacians (who are the ancestors of the Romanian people), had his home and sanctuary in a cave, inside the Kogaion. According to Strabo [1], Zalmoxis retreated in the Kogaion cave to consult the oracles.
The cave must have been branched labyrinth-like, the legend said that Zamolxis was disappearing for long lapses of time in the depth of the mountain. A stream of limpid water rushed at the foot of the Kogaion. In our days this mountain water is known as Ialomita, and the cave from the legend is the Ialomita's cave (right photo). (The cave can be visited by the tourists, it is illuminated and has wooden made passages to avoid the interior water.)

Zamolxis's priests were known as ktistai (ascetes) or kapnobatai (cloud swallowers, or cloud walkers, allowing, thereby, to think that Kogaion is a rather high peak). Kogaion means "The had of the Magnificent" which in our days is known as the Sfinx (left photo).

"The Old Ladies" (Babele) is another place surrounded by legend. It is said that the old woman Dochia, has been transformed in rock together with her sheep exactly in this place.(right photo).

Both "The Sfinx" and "The Old Ladies" are close to Babele Hut.

The hut can be reached either by taking the Cable Car from Busteni, or hiking from Sinaia via Piatra Arsa Hut or hiking on the Jepi Valley, from Busteni.

Tribute to the Heroes

The Cross, is a monument commemorating the heroes of the first world war. The monument is built at an altitude of 2291 m. The base has a height of 15m and the cross itself has a height of 30m. The construction of the monument started in 1926 and ended in 1929. During nights with clear sky, The Cross is illuminated, offering a great perspective from Prahova Valley. In the beginning the electricity has been generated using a Diesel engine, now there is an electrical cable which supplies the installation.
The Cross can be reached from Babele Hut in about one hour. There is a spectacular mountain trail from the Caraiman Hut to the Cross and also a mountain bike trail from the Babele Hut to the Cross. This later trail can be used also during winter (when the Caraiman Hut-The Cross trail is closed).

The Mountain trails

In Romania, all the mountain trails are marked with colored signs. The idea is that when standing near a sign, one has to see the next sign, hence it is very difficult to get lost. Bucegi Mountains have very good marked trails and the signs are in very good condition. All the areas are patrolled by the mountain rescue teams. There are also many mountain huts. These offer food and accommodation, so they can be used if one is planning a longer journey.
The mountain trails are also of many difficulties. There are very easy ones and breath-taking ones, offering also great panoramas.

Mountain biking

Bucegi Mountains offer also great MTB possibilities. The high altitude marked tracks are very good for biking, and one can reach by bike also the Omu Peak (2505m), the highest Peak in Bucegi. MTB's are available for rent in Sinaia.

Montania offers experienced guides that can accompany small groups in MTB tours.

Rock Climbing

For rock climbers it is plenty of "walls" that wait to be explored. Some easy ones are available in Sinaia. However, the main "playground" for romanian climbers is Costila Region. Here you can see a list of possible trails. The access to Costila region is easy, only 30 minute hiking from the town of Busteni which is at 10 min distance, by car, from Sinaia.

Some other climbing possibilities are in Padina.

[1] Strabo (born 63 BC or 64 BC, died ca. 24 AD) was a Greek historian, geographer and philosopher. Nowadays, Strabo is mostly famous for his Geographia, a 17-book work containing history and descriptions of people and places all over the world as known to him.

Click to openOne should get the following map in order to explore the Bucegi Mountains. The map can be found in various locations in Sinaia (like newspapers kiosks) or in other resorts on Prahova Valley. Please contact us if you would like to receive it prior to your visit to Sinaia.





Sinaia (800m) - Hotel Alpin(1400m) - Curmatura Vârfului cu Dor(1940m) - Valea Izvorul Dorului – Saua Laptici(1830m) – Hotel Pestera(1610m).
Sign: red stripe
Duration: 5-6 hours

       Description – From Furnica Hotel, we have a continuous climb up to Saua Vârfului cu Dor (Vârfului cu Dor Saddle). On our way we pass near Bradet Hut, Alpin Hotel, Valea cu Brazi Hut. The trail is passing the spot called Piatra Turcului, climbing Furnica mountain. After we reach Vârfului cu Dor Saddle, we descent on Vârfului cu Dor Valley, passing Valea Dorului Hut and continues towards Laptici Saddle, the final descent being towards Pestera Hotel.

Sinaia(800m) – Cabana Poiana Stânei(1270m) – Cabana Piatra Arsa(1950) – Cabana Pestera(1610m) – Cabana Omu(2505m) – Valea Malaiesti - Uzina Electrica Râsnov (815m) – Râsnov(675m).
Sign: blue stripe
Duration: 13-15 hours

         Description – Starting from Sinaia, the trail is climbing on Pelesului Valley, passing through Poiana Stanii (Stanii clearing). The climb continues on Piciorul Pietrei Arse, goes around Piciorul Pietrei Arse and has a mild descent towards Piatra Arsa Hut. Then we continue the descent towards Cocora-Laptici saddle and passing through Vârful cu Bradet clearing it descends to Pestera Hut. From here it follows the left side of Ialomita's Valley, passing Cascada Obârsiei (Obârsiei Fall) and climbs in Curmatura Vaii Cerbului. After a short final climb it reaches Omu Peak and continues with a mild descent towards North-North West, on Bucsoiu mountain. The trail goes to the right and descends abruptly in Caldarea Malaiesti, reaching Malaiesti mountain rescue hut. From this point it continues the descent through the forest and after the intersection with the trail that goes towards Diham Hut, continues towards left, descending in the forest road in Glajeriei Valley, following this road to Râsnov.

Poiana Stânei(1270m) – Valea Babei – Poiana Tapului(860m)
Sign: Yellow circle - note: poor quality of the signs!!
Duration: 1 ¼- 1 ½ hours

          Description – From Poiana Stânei (Stânei clearing), the trail descends through the forest, passing Pârâul Pietrei Arse, and merges with the forest road in Valea Babei continuing towards Poiana Tapului.

Poiana Tapului(860m) – Cascada Urlatoare(1100m)
Sign: Blue circle
Duration: ¾-1 hours

        Description – Very easy trail, following a forest road for around 2 km, at the end of this road follows a short steep climb.

Busteni(885m) – Cascada Urlatoare(1100m)
Sign: Red circle
Duration: 1 ½ hours

         Description – The trail is passing near Busteni cable car station and after the intersection with trail number 7 starts to climb through the forest, passing Urlatoarea Mare Valley, and following Urlatoarea Mica Valley.

Busteni(885m) – Drumul Urlatorilor – Cantonul Jepi(1960m) – Cabana Piatra Arsa(1950m)
Sign: Blue triangle, note: trail recommended by Montania
Duration: 3 ½ - 4 ½ hours

           Description – Starting from Busteni (near the Paper factory), the trail is common with trail number 5, passing near Busteni cable car station and following the forest road. After a short climb it goes into the forest, to the point "La Gratar". We pass the junction with track number 5 and we get out of the forest in the alpin region called Creasta Urlatorilor. It follows the region called ”La Scari” and after short climb the track reaches the mountain rigde, passing near Cantonul Jepi. At this point we have a superb panorama towards Prahova Valley. In a while we reach Piatra Arsa Hut.


Busteni (885m) – Valea Jepilor - Cabana Caraiman (2025m) – Cabana Babele (2200m) – Hotel Pestera (1610m) – Cabana Padina (1525m) – Cabana Bolboci (1460m) – Cabana Zanoaga (1400m) - Cabana Scropoasa (1205m) – Dobresti (1000m) – Tabara Caprioara
Sign: Blue cross
Duration: 11 – 12 ½ hours

           Description – Starting from Busteni, the trail is passing near Busteni cable car station, and follows the forest road, staying most of the time under the cable car line. The ascent becomes steeper and steeper, on the northern side of Jepii Mici mountain and after 1-1 ½ hours is reaching the main valley of Jepi Valley. The track continues on the southern side of Caraiman mountain, passing for several times the main spring and after a final climb, it's reaching Caraiman Hut. It continues in parallel with the cable car and after a short period it's reaching Babele Hut. From this point it is descending towards Pestera (the cave), passing near the cable car station Pestera and reaching Ialomita's Valley. The trail is continuing on this valley, passing near Padina Hut, through Cotenului and Tatarului gorges, on the western side of Bolboci lake, reaching Bolboci Hut and Bolcobi dam. Passing the dam, it goes towards the left to Zanoagei Hut and then is passing through Zanoagei Gorges and descends to Dobresti


Busteni(885m) – Caminul Alpin (925m) – Poiana Costilei (1310m) – Poiana Pichetul Rosu (1445m) – La Prepeleac (1750m) – Valea Malaiesti (1720m)
Sign: Red triangle
Duration: 5 ½ - 6 hours

          Description – Starting from Busteni, the trail is following Valea Alba street, and starts the ascent on Plaiul Munticelului through the forest; passing through Valea Costilei (Costilei valley), Valea Galbenelelor and is reaching Poiana Costilei (Costilei clearing). Then it's passing Valea Cerbului, through Poiana Morarului (Morarului clearing) and is reaching Poiana Pichetului Rosu from where it starts a more demanding ascent towards the point called ”La Prepeleac”. From this point the trail has a mild descend towards Saua Malaiesti (Malaiesti saddle) and then it descends in Malaiesti valley.

          ATTENTION: BETWEEN Pichetul Rosu clearing AND Malaiesti Valley, THIS ROUTE IS CLOSED DURING WINTER!!

Busteni (885 m) – Vârful Gâlma Mare (1419m) – Poiana Costilei (1310m) – Cabana Omu (2505m) – Cabana Babele (2200m) – Cabana Piatra Arsa (1950m) – Curmatura Vârfului cu Dor (1885m)
Sign: Yellow stripe
Duration: 9-11 hours

          Description – Until Costilei clearing see the previous description. From this point (Poiana Costilei), the trail is following towards west the valley and starts to climb on Morarului mountain, reaching Poiana Vaii Tapului, from where it continues on costila mountain until we exit the forest. It continues the ascent in the superior glacier Cerbului Valley until it is reaching Omu Peak (Omu Hut). Then it descends towards south, staying above Cerbului Valley, and offering us a great panorama of the track on which we just have been climbing. The track continues on the plateau, reaching Babele Hut and after a while Piatra Arsa Hut and the cable car station at Cota 2000 in Sinaia.

         ATTENTION: BETWEEN Costilei clearing - Omu Hut - Babele Hut, THIS ROUTE IS CLOSED DURING WINTER!!

Busteni (885m) – Cabana Gura Diham (987m) – Cabana Poiana Izvoarelor (1455m) – La Prepeleac (1750m) – Cabana Omu (2505m) – Muntele Batrâna (2181m) – Saua Strunga (1909m)
Sign: red stripe
Duration: 8 ½ - 10 hours

          Description - Starting from Busteni, the trail is following the road until Cabana Gura Diham. It starts to climb passing Cabana Poiana Izvoarelor, Poiana Pichetul Rosu and the point ”La Prepeleac”, from where the climb becomes very difficult (recommended to fit mountaineers) in the beginning through the forest, after that through rocky areas and reaching the sharp ridge at Cununa Bucsoiului. It's reaching Bucsoiu Peak, descends in Curmatura Bucsoiului and after a short final climb it descends in Curmatura Morarului. It follows a short climb of about 10 minutes towards Omu Hut. From this point the trail goes towards south, and then towards south-west, passing above Mecetul Turcesc and going towards Saua Strunga.


Busteni (885m) – Caminul Alpin (925m) – Cabana Gura Diham (987m) – Saua Baiului (1363m) – Cabana Diham (1320m)
Sign: Blue triangle
Duration: 2 ½ - 3 hours

        Description– From Cabana Gura Diham (fromn Busteni 4,2 km on the road), the trail is climbing through the forest through Saua Baiului, following a forest road until Cabana Diham.

La Spiote(1605m) – Poiana Frasinet – Valea Glajariei(990m)
Sign: cruce galbena
Duration: 2 hours

          Description – A continuous descent from La Sipote till Valea Glajeriei.

La Spiote(1605m) – Cabana Diham(1320m) – Poiana Pichetul Rosu(1445m)
Sign: Red circle
Duration: 2 ½ hours

         Description - The trail starts from the national road 73 (DN 73), Predeal-Rasnov; through the forest until Pârâul Frasinet; from this point towards Cabana Diham and continuing towards Pichetul Rosu (mild ascent).

Bran(825m) – Poiana Clincea(1640m) – Saua din Tiganesti(2195m) – Cabana Omu (2505m)
Sign: red stripe
Duration: 5 ½ - 6 ½ hours

         Description  – From Podul Oprisului (in Valea Poarta), the trail has a continuous ascent until Vârful Scara (Scara Peak). From Poiana Clincii the ascent becomes milder. The trail is passing the point ”La Stânci” and Turnul Clincii (Clincii's tower), crossing the valley Urlatoarea Clincii and ascending on the western face of Tiganesti mountain, until Culmea Tiganesti. It's passing near Turnul Tiganesti and after the point called ”La Scara” it is reaching Vârful Scara. It follows a descend towards Hornul Mare al Malaiestilor and then it goes up to Omu Hut.


Bran(825m) – Poiana Ciubotei(1360m) – Vârful Scara (2422m) – Cabana Omu (2505m)
Sign: yellow triangle
Duration: 6 – 7 hours

         Description – After is passing Bran village and is passing the intersection with the red cross trail (towards Gaura Valley), at 6 km from the intersection form the national road Brasov-Pitesti, the trail starts to climb passing through Poiana Ciubotei si Poiana Ciubotei de Sus and reaching Catunul Ciubotei. It continues to climb on Podul Spintecaturilor, close to Scara Peak, and it descends towards Hornul Mare al Malaiestilor, continuing with a final climb to Omu Hut.


Bran(825m) – Valea Gaura – Cabana Omu(2505m)
Sign: Red cross
Duration: 6 – 7 hours

        Description – After some time on a forest road which is marked with yellow triangle, at 5.5 km from the center of Bran village, the trail is starting an abrupt climb towards Poiana Dintre Vai, is reaching the inferior valley passing three glaciar steps (”Catunul de Jos”, ”Catunul Mic” and ”Catunul de Sus”), then it's having a steep climb on Scara mountain reaching Curmatura Hornurilor and after that Omu Hut.


Simon(800m) – Plaiul lui Lom – Poiana Gutanu(1460m) – Saua Strunga(1909m) – Cabana Padina(1525m)
Sign: red stripe
Duration: 6 ½ - 7 ½ hours

       Description  – Starting from Simon, at 5 km form the national road Brasov-Pitesti, the trail climbs through the forest and clearings until Poiana Gutanu. After that the trail goes towards east and then towards south, passing through Valea Grohotisului and continuing with a steep climb at the bottom of Muntele Grohotisului, reaching Saua Strunga. From this point it descends towards Padina Hut.

Moieciu de Sus(950m) – Poiana Gutanu(1460m) –Saua Batrâna(2181m) – Hotel Pestera (1610m)
Sign: Red triangle
Duration: 7 - 8 hours

          Description – The trail is is parallel with the road until Piciorul Seciului, when it starts a steep climb through the forest. After passing the Hunting hut and Stana din Gutanu, it climbs towards Coltii Tapului, reaching Saua Batrana. From this point it descends to Hotel Pestera through Valea Doamnele.


Moieciul de Sus(950m) – Valea Pravalele – Saua Strunga(1909m) – Cabana Padina(1525m)
Sign: Red cross
Duration: 6 – 7 hours

        Description – From the end of the forest road that is passing through Simon village, the trail is climbing in parallel with the mountaing spring, at the bottom of Grohotisul mountain, until Saua Strunga. From this point it descends to Padina Hut, on Muntele Colti.

Curmatura Vârfului cu Dor(1885) – Valea Izvorul Dorului – Cabana Bolboci (1460m)
Sign: cruce galbena
Duration: 2 -2 ½ hours

         Description – Starting from Curmatura Vârfului cu Dor, the trail is descending through Vârfului cu Dor small valley (which during the winter is the ski area) until Izvorul Dorului valley; it's passing two small springs and has a mild climb under Vârful Nucet. It continues descending through the forest, a bit above Bolboci Hut, on the left side of Ialomita's river, it continues to descend passing on the dam and reaching Bolboci Hut.

Canton Jepi(1960m) – Sub Vârful Ciocârlia(2043m)
Sign: Red triangle
Duration: 20 – 30 min


Muntele Jepii Mici(2120m) – Cabana Caraiman(2025m)
Sign: Blue circle
Duration: 20 min


Cabana Babele(2200m) – Crucea Eroilor(2284m) – Saua Sugarile(2295m)
Sign: Red cross
Duration: 1 ¾ - 2 hours

             Description – From Babele Hut, the trail is going towards north-west, climbing towards Caraiman mountain, close to Eroilor Cross (The Cross). From the monument, it comes back on Caraiman Peak and descends in Sugarilor Saddle.

Cabana Caraiman(2025m) – Crucea Eroilor(2284m)
Sign: Red circle, note: trail recommended by Montania
Duration: ¾ - 1 hours

           Description – The trail is having a moderate climb on Brâna Mare a Caraimanului.


Cabana Diham(1320m) – Valea Glajariei(990m) – Poiana Malaiesti Izvor(1200m)
Sign: Blue cross
Duration: 1 – 1 ¼ hours

           Description – From Diham Hut, the trail is descending through the forest until the intersection of Dihamului small valley with Glajeriei Valley, on which is passing and climbs towards Poiana Malaiesti Izvor.

Valea Malaiesti(1720m) – Brâna Caprelor – Saua Brâna Caprelor(2285m)
Sign: Blue triangle, note: trail recommended by Montania (spectacular trail)
Duration: 1. ½ - hours

          Description – From Malaiesti Valley, the trail is following the valley in a mild climb, after a while is going towards left. It follows a steep ascent in S type of climb, and follows Brâna Caprelor until Creasta Bucsoiului Mare.


Valea Malaiesti(1720m) – Padina Crucii – Lacul Tiganesti(2050m) – Culmea Tiganesti (2195m)
Sign: Yellow stripe
Duration: 1. ½ - 1 ¾ hours

           Description – The trail is climbing through an area with lots of vegetation, until the saddle from Muntele Padina Crucii; it descends on Tiganesti valley. After passing near a small lake, it climbs on the eastern side of Culmea Tiganesti.


Stâna Gaura(1560m) – Poiana Gutanu(1460m)
Sign: Blue triangle
Duration: 1 ½ - 2 hours

           Description – An interconecting route.
           Observation – The sign blue triangle is dissapearing at some point, being continued with Red triangle.

Cabana Padina(1525m) – Saua Strunga(1904m) – Vârful Bucsa – Curmatura
Fiarelor (1790m) – Satul Fundatica(1140m)
Sign: red stripe
Duration: 5 – 6 hours

          Description – The trail is passing through the central nordic ridge of Leaota Mountains, connecting Bucegi Mountains with the Rucar-Bran Valley, and after that with Piatra Craiului Mountains and Iezer-Papusa Mountains.

Cabana Omu(2505m) – Obârsia Ialomitei – Cabana Pestera(1610m)
Sign: blue stripe
Duration: 2 – 2 ½ hours

         Description – From Omu Hut, towards south - south west, the trail is passing near Bucura-Dumbrava peak, then Gavanele Peak, descending in the glaciar valley Obârsia, close to Mecetul Turcesc.It's passing near Ialomita's fall, reaching Sugarilor Valley and merging in a mountain road that leads to Pestera Hut.


Cabana Omu(2505m) – Muntele Doamnele – Muntele Strungile – Saua Strunga (1904m) – Cabana Padina(1525m)
Sign: red stripe, note: historical trail with spectacular landscapes towards west
Duration: 5 – 5 ½ hours

        Description – From Gavanele Peak we continue towards west and follow the trail that is passing above Mecetul Turcesc, towards Doamnele Mountain. The trail is reaching Cupola Gutanului and is passing Batrana Mountain, Stâncariile Tapului si Strungilor until Strunga saddle, from which it descends towards Padina Hut. This was the border trail between Muntenia and Transylvania and even today we can notice the width of the trail is can accomodate an old cart pulled by horses.


Cabana Miorita(1987m) – Muntele Furnica(1950m) – Cabana Babele (2200m) – Ceardacul Obârsiei – Cabana Omu(2505)
Sign: Yellow stripe
Duration: 5 – 6 hours

       Description – This trail is crossing the Plateau of Bucegi mountains from south to north, on its eastern ridge, passing near several important huts (Miorita, Piatra Arsa, and Babele).

Cabana Babele(2200m) – Crucea Eroilor(2284m) – Vârful Caraiman(2384m) – Spinarea Costilelor – Saua Sugarilor(2295m)
Sign: Red cross
Duration: 2 – 2 ½ hours

        Description – From the trail that goes towards Omu Peak, there is one trail which goes towards north east and then towards east, on the southern side of Caraiman mountain. From Caraiman saddle the trail goes towards west, continuing the climb towards Coama Caraimanului, passing the road Babele-Costila, and descending on Spinarea Costilelor to Saua Sugarilor.


Romanian National And Natural Parks


1. Before leaving on any trip, get information on the desired itinerary, on the degree of difficulty of the trail, weather forecast and the schedule of cable transport facilities.
2. Go to the mountains well equipped with fit gear and always carry a map of the area. Don't forget to put in your backpack the flashlight with fresh batteries and a first-aid kit. Take also some sweets, fruits and water.
3. Avoid traveling alone.
4. Before leaving from a chalet, inform the chalet-keeper on the trail you wish to take and register yourselves in the Tourists' Traffic Register.
5. Choose the trails considering the physical and mental condition of the weakest person in the group.
6. Take only the marked trails. Follow the markings and the signs along the trail.
7. Should difficulties emerge on the trail, or weather gets bad, don't hesitate to take shelter at the nearest chalet.
8. Do not drink alcoholic beverages before and during hiking trips.
9. Do not damage tourist facilities, markings and signs.
10. Be respectful to the natural monuments and protected areas.
11. Do not dump waste in mountain area.
12. Do not build fires in the forest and on the alpine pastures.
13. In the event of an accident, take quick and efficient action in order to protect and secure the injured person. Call the mountain rescue service immediately, indicating the tollowing: what has happened, how many persons need help, the time when the accident occurred, and the place where the injured persons are to be found.
14. If you lose your way, keep the group together. Stay awake and aware. Keep moving in place, in order to avoid hypothermia. Do not drink alcohol. Call immediately the mountaui rescue service.
15. Trust the licensed mountain guides and the members of the mountain rescue service.



Schiorilor Furnica Mountain
980 m
Bradet Furnica Mountain
1.300 m
Hotel Alpin Cota 1.400 Furnica Mountain
1.400 m
Popas Alpin Furnica Mountain
1.400 m
Valea cu Brazi Furnica Mountain
Miorita Furnica Mountain
Valea Dorului Furnica Mountain
Piscul Cainelui Baiului Mountain
990 m
Cuibul Dorului Paduchiosul Mountain
Cota 1.000 Paduchiosul Mountain
Complex Piatra Arsa Piatra Arsa Mountain
1.950 m
Babele Babele Mountain
2.200 m
Omu Omu Peak
2.505 m
Caraiman Caraiman Mountain
2.025 m
Gura Diham Cerbului Valley
987 m
Diham Diham Mountain
Poiana Izvoarelor Diham Mountain
1.445 m
Scropoasa Ialomitei Valley
Zanoaga Ialomitei Valley
1.380 m
Bolboci Ialomitei Valley
Padina Ialomitei Valley
1.525 m
Hotel Pestera Ialomitei Valley
1.610 m
DISCLAIMER: This page is intending to provide usefull informations about possible turistic activities in Sinaia and Bucegi mountains. Some informations may be not accurate, thus WE ARE NOT responsable if the reality is slightly different.


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